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Confronting the fierce competition in the global market, enterprises pull out all stops for a high-quality and low-cost human-resource solution.

The free flow of supplemental workforce in the world-wide areas highlights its essential role in the world economy.

Lying a barrier the employment of overseas contract works/staffs, who feature differed cultural, Central Human Resource Development Co., Ltd., dedicate ourselves to connect you to the workers.

There being abundant well-skilled labors, Asia supplies tens of thousand workers to other countries. CHRDC, one of the leading human-resource companies in the region, offers innovative manpower solutions to various industries. It performs not only recruitment and mobilization, but also turn-key operation on the projects.more

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In Asia, especially the largest agricul ture countries China and Thailand, there is an abundant agriculture workforce. We export high quality agriculture workers (US H2A visa) from this region to North America, where they are largely needed.
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